Still Life Photography

Photography is all about capturing different moments of the world. And for that you need to have an eye for creativity and is a major source of good income. Still life photography needs concentration and understanding a special mood and how to capture it with lots of emotions. In the eye of the photographer even a simple object can come up as a very beautiful photo. Here all is needed that of assemblage of some substance, light and mood and you will get a good still photograph. A creative power upon the object is very important.


Still life photography depends on individual’s choice, interest and preference. Many feel that with invent of the digital videography making the waves what is the need of still life photography any more. But still life photography has its own charm and ageless appeal. But at the end of the day you will find that the rewards and praise for the talented Still life photography and the photographer are vast. The majority of the rewards lie on the looks of appreciation, admiration, enjoyment and pleasure on the eyes of the watcher.

The photographer can approach the still life photography in many ways. But mainstream specialized, expert and dedicated photographers mainly spends large part of many days in the studio. A studio is like their haven. A studio can be at any place. It can be located at the indoors or outdoors but involves many tasks over there. They have to plan and prepare the theme of their photograph and much of organization and reorganization are to be made and that takes a major time.


The beginners who are taking up this line as their profession have to start with Still life photography and this is a branch of learning process for them. Equipments form a very important part of the still life photography. Though the equipments are basic some of those are quite costly. The professional people use either big or even standard format cameras. But still life photography can be done even with the use of the simple 35mm camera and get some very beautiful pictures.


You can select anything as your subject. The environment surrounding your house or nature and the different scenes that will catch your eyes or any other activity can become your choice. You can do the simple steps like choose your rooms window and set up your studio at the side of it. Select any background that you feel beautiful, place a colorful flower vase as the central object get some shots. You can play with the lights. Take some shots at bright lights or some at low lights. And your first experience at the still-life photography is there. All what is needed is interest and creative outlook.

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